Which Product do I need to Purchase for Geometric Mazes

This pages lists the different options for Geometric Mazes.

At BookPublisherTools we work hard to preserve the value of your investment. Even though Geometric Mazes is a brand new module with new algorithms, the current owners of the Standard Mazes 2D module will be able to use the Squares option of Geometric Mazes without needing an additional purchase.

Overview Geometric Mazes.png

There are two new products to get started with Geometric Mazes:

  • "3 Shapes", as a sidegrade/upgrade for owners of Standard Mazes 2D (or Standard & Shaped Mazes 2D). You can also buy this module if you don't need the squares mazes at all.
  • "All Shapes" is for new customers, who haven't purchase our other Mazes products in the past.

Differences between Standard Mazes 2D and Geometric Mazes

There are currently multiple 2D mazes products in the product list in Puzzle Maker Pro. These include: Standard Mazes 2D and Geometric Mazes. These modules use different algorithms to create the puzzles. While Geometric Mazes has some unique options (and will be getting additional add-on options), the Standard Mazes 2D product is more suitable for large mazes (100+ rows and columns) and is faster for batch creating lots of mazes.

There's also a difference in the 'random wall thickness' option: Standard Mazes 2D randomizes for each wall, while Geometric Mazes will randomize for each cell, resulting in different, more natural looking patterns.

(Future) Add-on's for Geometric Mazes

Currently several future add-ons are planned:

  • Rooms and Crossings (Rooms are larger cells in a grid, only available for Squares. Crossings will be available for Squares, Triangles and Hexagons)
  • Breadcrumbs (text - words or phrases, or images, to add an additional challenge to the mazes)

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