Word Puzzle Output

This tutorial explains the output options for Word Puzzles in Puzzle Maker Pro.

This tutorial applies to:

When you generate puzzles (by clicking "Create") several files will be created in your project folder:

  • TXT file (plain text) in the 'Puzzles' subfolder
  • CSV file (Comma Separated Variable-length file) in the 'Puzzles' subfolder
  • PMP file (Puzzle Maker Pro file for internal use) in the 'Meta' subfolder

Additionally there are some optional files:

TXT file output

The TXT file output consists of one line for each word or phrase, for example:


This file is for your own use, you can copy the words to other software, or not use it at all, if you create Instant Puzzle Books as well.

  • Encoded puzzle - the first part is the encoded puzzle, ending with "||"
  • Solution - after the "||" you see the solution, the original word
  • Description - if there was a description in the source words file (or a set title if you use word sets), this will be added after a colon ":". To use sets, see: Word List format for Word Puzzles

CSV file output

CSV is a standardized file format that can be used with many applications. The example above in CSV format would look like this:


You can import this file in Excel (or other spreadsheets), for example to use it with our Replicator software, and you can even import this file into Canva (with a Pro subscription) to quickly generate a batch of images. (Note: at the moment of writing, somehow the automatic import into Canva doesn't work properly, but as a work-around, manual import will work - Open the CSV file in Excel, then select all the rows / columns and past it in the manual bulk import area in Canva).

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