Creating Images for Word Puzzles

This tutorial shows how to create Word Scramble puzzles with Puzzle Maker Pro - Word Scramble.

This tutorial applies to:

Creating Images/Memes

In addition to the text output that's used for Instant Puzzle Books, there's also an option to directly create Images for your puzzle words. To do this, select the "Images/Memes" tab.


This is an easy way to create simple puzzle images that can be used on social media or elsewhere. (For more advanced images, use the CSV output and your favorite editing software).

The options you have here:

  1. Click "Create Images" to automatically generated these images when you create puzzles.
  2. The Description or Title can be printed at the top. You can switch this off. If there's a description for the word, that will be used. Otherwise, the title for the set of words will be used. If neither is available, the Description will be left blank.
  3. You can select the background color or keep it transparent. If the background color is transparent, you can layer it with other images in your favorite editing software, or use the background images feature in Puzzle Maker Pro: Output Settings -> Background Images tab).
  4. You can set the border width and color.
  5. For social media posts, you can add your own watermark text. if you don't need this, switch it off. (Unless you want to print "" on all your images.

The settings from this tab will also be used for the puzzle preview image when you click "Next Preview".

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