How do I use the different Maze Generator options for Puzzle Maker Pro - Geometric Mazes?

This overview will explain the different Maze Generator options. These options are available in every module of Puzzle Maker Pro - Mazes.

Mazes are always constructed completely random. However, there two ways to control the randomness:

  • Controlling the algorithm
  • Controlling the type of path

##Controlling the algorithm

10 Mazes 2D - Path Complexity.png

Puzzle Maker Pro - Geometric Mazes contains a combination of different algorithms (rules) to create the maze. It's always random, but some algorithms create longer, meandering paths, while other algorithms create more direct paths.

In the screen shot you can see the slider for "Solution Complexity". When you slide it to the left, it will create straightforward paths, when you slide it to the right, the paths will be more complex. However, it's always random.

Controlling the type of path

In addition to the maze generator algorithm, you can also choose how you want the path to run through the maze, by setting the start and end points. By default it runs from top left to bottom right, or in the case of circles, from top to bottom.

Random Path

11 Mazes 2D - Solution Path Style Random.png

The "Random" Path option will randomly set the start and end points at opposite sides of the maze, as can be seen in the screenshot.

Longest Path

12 Mazes 2D - Longest Path.png

The "Longest Path" option will look over the generated maze, and find two points that have the longest distance to each other (the highest number of intermediate cells to pass), and choose them as start and end points. In most cases the start and end points will be somewhere in the middle of the maze.

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