How to create Criss Cross puzzles with Puzzle Maker Pro - Criss Cross

This tutorial shows how to create Criss Cross puzzles with Puzzle Maker Pro - Criss Cross.

The main tutorial for Crossword Variations shows all the steps and information that applies to all the different puzzle types.


Criss Cross is a type of crossword puzzle where words are loosely connected to each other, like the example below.

Criss Cross - 00 Overview

In this tutorial we'll show you how to create this type of puzzle using your own word list.

Puzzle Maker Pro - Criss Cross

All the options and functionalities for Criss Cross are covered in the main tutorial for Crossword Variations.

There are a few details to pay attention to:

Style 2 tab

Crossword Variations - Style 2

As you can see in this screenshot, using full size word numbers influences the puzzle generation, because each word number needs a separate square. In essence this means that there are fewer squares for the words. In general this is not a problem, but it's good to be aware of the changes in the puzzle.

Grid tab

Criss Cross - Grid Settings

You can adjust the grid size to create puzzles that fit in the available space. For example with these image settings, there's a rectangular area available for the puzzle, and it makes sense to set a grid size of e.g. 10x25 for a natural look.

Image tab

For Criss Cross puzzles you can use the Set Title, Set Description or a Custom text for the image title and description.

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