How can I create Nonogram puzzles with Puzzle Maker - Nonogram Standard?

This short tutorial shows how to create nonogram puzzles with Puzzle Maker - Nonogram Standard.

Activate the software

When you start Puzzle Maker - Nonogram Standard, you'll see the this view:

01 Nonogram Standard - Startup View.png

There's no image or puzzle loaded yet.

The first thing you need to do is click the "About" button (1) to verify your license and enable the software.

Next, you can select an image, using the "Select File" button (2). This must be a JPG or PNG image.

Create Puzzles

After you select a file, a preview of the puzzle/solution will be shown in the panel at the right. The original image is shown at the left. (The actual puzzle isn't shown, since this resembles the solution, but without the black squares.)

02 Nonogram Standard - Puzzle Options.png

There are several ways to customize the puzzle:

  1. Select the size in squares and drawing size (regular or small). The resulting maximum image size in inches is shown, based on your settings.
  2. Remove the empty spaces (empty squares) at the borders of the image.
  3. Show hints at the top and left or bottom and right of the puzzle
  4. Choose the separator between the clues. By default a space (" ") is used, but you can also use dashes. This is only used for the row clues, not for the column clues
  5. Remove zeroes as clues or display them
  6. Nonogram puzzles are based on a foreground (the image) and a background. By default the background is anything white or transparent (depending on the image type). However, you can choose different colors. For example, by selecting black as the background color, you could create a puzzle with the current white background only.

Finally, you can save (2) the puzzle. You can select where the puzzle and solution image files will be saved.