How to create Acrostic crossword puzzles with Puzzle Maker Pro - Acrostic Grid

This tutorial shows how to create Acrostic crossword puzzles with Puzzle Maker Pro - Acrostic Grid.

The main tutorial for Crossword Variations shows all the steps and information that applies to all the different puzzle types.


There are many different types of Acrostic Crossword puzzles. Acrostic Grid is the name we use for words that are placed in a grid, and that include additional hints to find a secret word, or to suggest additional letters in the grid that make it easier to find all the words in the puzzle.

The example below includes a secret word:

Acrostic Grid - Overview

Acrostic Options for Acrostic Grid Puzzles

As mentioned in the introduction, you can use either Secret Word or Alphabet Hints (Letter Hints) for Acrostic Grid puzzles. You cannot have both at the same time.

When you use a secret word, you can set how many 'matching' letters must be available in each word, to be included in the puzzle.

Acrostic Grid - Acrostic Settings

In the screenshot, Matching Letters is set to 2. For the words Bingo and Cross Sum we have indicated the matching letters for the word Orange.

Acrostic Grid Style

The Acrostic Grid puzzles will always (!) have the word number in a separate square, because the letter hints are shown as small numbers in some of the squares. (You can't have both at the same time)

There are quite a few additional style options, shown on the "Variation" tab:

Acrostic Grid - Layout Settings
  • Max Words per Row - You can set the maximum number of words that can be printed on each row of the puzzle. This allows for interesting layout effects, as you can see in the screenshot
  • Sort Rows - You can sort the rows by length, or use a 'Diamond' sort option, which sorts the grid rows from short to long to short. (see screenshot)
  • Align Rows - You can align the rows to the left, right or center.

Note: The software will try to optimize the grid to make each row of equal length, if possible. However, this depends quite a bit on the words in your word list. For best results to get a really square or rectangular grid, use words with complementary lengths, e.g. 8 and 4 letters (to get 12 letter rows).

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