How to use the Zoom function in POD Graphics Maker or Puzzle Maker Pro

This Youtube tutorial shows how to use the zoom function in the preview window in POD Graphics Maker. The same options are available in the Puzzle Maker Pro preview window.

How to use the Output Settings in Puzzle Maker Pro

With Puzzle Maker Pro you can specify exactly where to save the puzzles and puzzle books that you generate. Easy default settings for casual users, advanced and detailed settings for demanding users.

How can I create Large Print books using Puzzle Maker Pro?

You can make Large Print books using Puzzle Maker Pro. However, it takes some understanding of font sizes, image sizes and DPI, to get the results you want.

How to select images for your puzzles in Puzzle Maker Pro?

Some Puzzle Maker Pro modules, such as Sudoku (Creative, Kids Edition or Variations), Bingo and Game Maker, allow you to use images instead of text or numbers. Read how to quickly and easily set up the images.

How to create puzzles and puzzle books with Puzzle Maker Pro

Find out how Puzzle Maker Pro creates your puzzles and puzzle books. This article will help you understand how the different parts work together.

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