Puzzle Maker Pro - Tutorial Overview

Puzzle Maker Pro - Tutorial Overview

Can you create puzzles with numbers using Puzzle Maker Pro - Word Search

This short tutorial shows the steps to create word search puzzles with numbers.

How to Add Page Numbers to Powerpoint Puzzle Books?

This short video tutorial will show you how to add page numbers to the master slides in Powerpoint. Besides page numbers you can use these master slides to add any kind of content you like.

How to create shaped mazes from silhouette images

This video tutorial will show you how to create a shaped maze.

How can I create Large Print books using Puzzle Maker Pro?

You can make Large Print books using Puzzle Maker Pro. However, it takes some understanding of font sizes, image sizes and DPI, to get the results you want.

How to create puzzles and puzzle books with Puzzle Maker Pro

Find out how Puzzle Maker Pro creates your puzzles and puzzle books. This article will help you understand how the different parts work together.

Getting Started with Puzzle Maker Pro

In this tutorial we'll show you the basics. You're first puzzle (or even puzzle book) is really just one click away

How can I change the Title Text for puzzles and solutions?

You can set your own titles for puzzles and solutions, which will be used in the additional output. One of the uses for this is for books in other languages than English.

How to use the Zoom function in POD Graphics Maker or Puzzle Maker Pro

This Youtube tutorial shows how to use the zoom function in the preview window in POD Graphics Maker. The same options are available in the Puzzle Maker Pro preview window.

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