How to create Acrostic puzzles with Puzzle Maker Pro - Acrostic Column

This tutorial shows how to create Acrostic puzzles with Puzzle Maker Pro - Acrostic Column.

The main tutorial for Crossword Variations shows all the steps and information that applies to all the different puzzle types.


Acrostic Column is an acrostic Crossword puzzle where a list of words is printed, and one column contains a secret word.

There are many different types of Acrostic Crossword puzzles. Acrostic Column is the name we give to the type of Acrostic Crossword where a list of words is shown, and a single 'secret' word can be found in one of the columns.

Acrostic Settings

For Acrostic Column puzzles, the "Secret Word" option is always enabled, since this is the main characteristic of the puzzle.

Acrostic Column - Secret Only

Additionally, you can add "Alphabet Hints", which will make the puzzle easier to solve:

Acrostic Column - Secret and Alphabet

In this screenshot you see a different puzzle, and all the small numbers in the puzzle. Each number corresponds with a single letter. The numbers are randomly assigned to the letters, so each puzzle will have a different key.

Image Options

When you use the additional image options (for social media images, etc), you can specify which information is used for the image title and description:

Acrostic Column - Image Options

For both the Title Description you can use the Word Set Title, Word Set Description, Secret Word Description (Clue) or a Custom word or phrase.

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