How to Use the Time Saver Add-On for Mazes 3D Isometric

With the Time Saver Add-On for Mazes 3D Isometric you can create your mazes faster, and you can use additional layout options for the Instant Puzzle Books.

Batch Creation of puzzles

Mazes 3D Isometric Time Saver

Here you see the following options:

  1. The row with all the options. If you select Time Saver, you'll see this screen.
  2. "Use Time Saver to generate Puzzles". Make sure this checkbox is checked if you want to use the time saver. You can tell it's active if the bottom shows "Create (TS)".
  3. The Time Saver menu. Add new categories of puzzles, different grid types, and change the cube sizes and amounts of cubes.
  4. Add row. With this you can add more kinds of puzzles to be generated.

You can quickly add rows with your preferred settings by changing the values at the top of the "Grid Setup" area, and then click Add Row. This will add one row to the table with the settings you selected.

You can also edit the values in the table: For the Grid Type and Path Type columns, you can click the downward arrow to select a different type. For the number columns, just click the value you want to change, and you'll be able to edit it.

Note: To use the Custom Height Maps or the Manual Start/End points, you'll have to use the "Preset Puzzles" tab, these options cannot be set with the "Fast" option.

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