Can you explain the names of the new sudoku bundles?

This FAQ clarifies the names of the recent sudoku bundles that have been released for Puzzle Maker Pro.

This tutorial applies to

  • Puzzle Maker Pro - Sudoku - New Grid Rules Bundle
  • Puzzle Maker Pro - More Clues Add-On for Sudoku 9x9 Regular
  • Puzzle Maker Pro - More Clues Add-On for Sudoku Multidokus
  • Puzzle Maker Pro - More Clues Add-On for Sudoku Other Grid Sizes
  • Puzzle Maker Pro - More Clues Add-On for Sudoku Bundle

New Grid Rules and More Clues

Some of the new sudoku products and bundles have names that may not be instantly clear or intuitive. We've tried to use better names than "Bundle 13" and "Bundle 14", but had to invent new names that weren't used yet for sudokus. We'll explain the logic behind this names here:

  • New Grid Rules means that there are new rules applied when constructing the sudoku grids. Checkerboard and Nonconsecutive both have restrictions of the values of each cell in the grid. The grid does not follow the normal sudoku rules (1-9 in each column, in each row and in each 3x3 subgrid), but has additional restrictions.
  • More Clues means that additional clues are added to the sudoku puzzle. The sudoku grid is constructed using the normal sudoku rules, but when the sudoku puzzle is constructed (removing clues from the grid), additional clues are added.

New Grid Rules

New Grid Rules consists of two different puzzle types:

  • Checkerboard Sudoku: Cells are colored in a checkerboard pattern. White cells have only odd numbers (1,3,5,7 for 8x8 sudoku), while gray cells have only even numbers (2,4,6,8 for 8x8 sudoku). Due to the nature of checkerboards, these sudokus are only available for even grid sizes (6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12, 14x14 and 16x16).
  • Nonconsecutive Sudoku: Consecutive numbers, such as 1-2, 4-5, etc can never be next to each other in the grid. For this puzzle, 9 and 1 are considered consecutive as well.

More Clues

The More Clues products each offer 5 different sudoku additions:

  • Odd/Even - Mark the even cells in the grid
  • Consecutive - Mark some of the cell borders where the cells have consecutive numbers
  • Difference - Indicate the difference between some of the cells
  • Compare - Indicate which of two bordering cells has a larger value than the other
  • Threshold - Innovative sudoku variation where numbers greater than a threshold are marked.

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