Geometric String Art Designer - Glossary of Shapes and Segments

Glossary of Shapes and Segments

Currently there are five different types of shapes in Geometric String Art Designer:


Geometric String Art Designer Square Segments.PNG

For a square (or rectangle) shape, there are several options to define segments:

  • "Full" is the entire square, when you connect to this, the pins wil be placed on the entire contour of the square
  • Sides: Top, Left, Right and Bottom each are the full side of a square. Please pay attention when you rotate the square, because the position of these sides may change
  • Half Sides: The smallest segment are half sides, these are named Top 1, Top 2, etc, so you can easily see where a side is located. This will allow you to create connections between e.g. Top 2 and Bottom 2 of the same Square. The numbers of these segments are clockwise (Bottom 1 is at the right of Bottom 2)


Geometric String Art Designer Circle Segments.PNG

For Circles we use the same naming style as for squares:

  • "Full" - the entire circle
  • Quarters: Top, Left Right Bottom, each cover 1/4th (= 90 degrees or PI/2) of the circle
  • Eights: Each segment covers 1/8th (= 45 degrees or PI/4) of the circle. Just like for Squares, the numbering order is clockwise.


Geometric String Art Designer Line Segments.PNG

For Lines, we also use "Top" and "Bottom", even when the lines are horizontal or rotated. The top of the image shows vertical lines, the bottom of the images shows the segments for horizontal lines.

Triangles and Polygons

For Triangles and all polygons (5 up to 10 sides), we use different names.

String Art Designer Polygon Segments
  • "Full" is the entire shape
  • "Side 1" is the name of a side of the polygon
  • "Side 1 Part 2" is the name of half the side of a polygon.

The screenshot shows the numbering for a decagon and also shows the list of all the available segments. In the example, you can see that "Side 4" and "Side 8" have been connected, resulting in the string pattern you can see.

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