Troubleshooting Mazes 2D Tiles

There are some problems you can run into when using Puzzle Maker Pro - Mazes 2D Tiles. Below we have shown the most common problems you can run into, and how to solve them.

Isometric Tiles

  • The Isometric Tiles are too small. This was an unplanned feature of the early beta versions of Mazes 2D Tiles, due to DPI issues. It’s not supposed to happen, but you can fix this by using the “Advanced / Scaling” slider on the Tile Multiplier tab.
  • I see Square Tiles in my Isometric Maze You probably selected a set of tiles that are actually square. You can use the Tile Multiplier “Convert Square Images” option to automatically generate isometric tiles from the square tiles.
  • The Tiles in my Isometric Maze are not properly aligned If the tiles you use result in a maze where the tiles are not properly aligned to each other, e.g. they overlap in the wrong places, you see jagged edges at the sides, this usually means that the tiles are not all of the same size. Mazes 2D Tiles cannot handle that well – it’s impossible to do the necessary height and depth calculations (for the isometric 3D effects) when the tiles have different widths. The height should vary only when you have embellishments at the top side of the tile (e.g. a little house or a tree)

Masks Add-On - How do I fix Empty Cells in my Maze?

There are several possible reasons why empty cells appear in your maze:

  • Missing Tiles – If you don’t specify the tiles for each variation (e.g. 1, 12, 13, 123, etc), the maze generator will leave that space empty
  • Masks – If you use a mask or a quick mask, you’ll get empty (unused) cells
  • Empty Cells – If you specify a number of empty cells, these will be randomly selected in the grid. If you don’t have a “0” tile, these cells will be left empty. The “0” tile is for cells with no connections

Tile Multiplier

  • WARNING: Missing Tiles! Unable to complement all tile variations You’ll need a certain amount of tiles, if you want the Tile Multiplier “Complement” option to work. The codes you need are 1, 12, 13, 123, 1234, s and e.

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