Can you create puzzles with numbers using Puzzle Maker Pro - Word Search

You can easily create word search puzzles with numbers, using Puzzle Maker Pro - Word Search.

Step 1 - Select a file with numbers or paste the list of numbers

First of all, you need a list of numbers instead of words. The process is the same as for word search puzzles: Word Search - Number puzzles 2.png

These numbers will be used to fill the grid with digits. You can click preview to see the result, and you may notice that the empty squares still contain letters. (Not visible in the screenshot). Step 2 will fix this.

Step 2 - Enter the numbers for the empty squares

Word Search - Number puzzles 2.png Find the 'Hidden Word' section on the Solution tab, make sure 'Random Characters' is selected, and enter enter 0123456789 in the text field. Click 'New Preview' again to verify that the result is what you want it to be. Of course you can also add only a 0 in this field, to fill every empty square with a 0. That's up to you.

Right now the puzzle is correct, but there's one more step to make sure the PDF or PPT output looks good too:

Step 3 - Set the sort order

By default, words will be sorted in alphabetical (dictionary) order. You can do that for numbers too, but especially if you use numbers of different lengths, like 11 and 90210, you may want to use the numerical sort order. You can find this on the 'Style' tab, below the color settings. Word Search - Number puzzles 3.png

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