How can I create Hexagon JigSaw puzzles?

Puzzle Maker Pro - JigSaw Hexagons supports most of the features of JigSaw Squares, but of course some things are different because of the hexagon shape.

Hexagon Shapes

Jigsaw 026 - Blank Hexagons Puzzle.png

Unlike Squares, Hexagon shapes can never perfectly fill a square or rectangular image. As you can see in this screenshot, there will always be some partial hexagons at the edges.

The puzzle page that's generated for JigSaw Hexagons, has the same layout as the puzzle pages for JigSaw Squares, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Jigsaw 030 - Hexagon Puzzle Page.png

Perfect Hexagons vs Irregular Hexagons

You can choose between Perfect Hexagons and irregular hexagons.

With the Perfect Hexagons setting, used in most of the examples, you can choose the number of rows (the number of hexagons vertically). The software will calculate the number of columns (the number of hexagons horizontally).

You can also choose for irregular hexagons (by switching off "Perfect Hexagons"), but in most cases this is graphically less appealing. If you switch off Perfect Hexagons, it will use the number of columns you set to create the image. Jigsaw 029 - Irregular Hexagons.png

Hexagon Coordinates

Hexagon Coordinates are a bit complex, because of the nature of hexagons. Puzzle Maker Pro - Hexagons has a specific way of numbering the rows and columns: Jigsaw 027 - Hexagon Coordinates.png

The first full row is "B". The row with half hexagons at the top border is "A". Each row will zigzag a little bit. The second hexagon is a bit lower, the third is a bit up, and so on.

The columns are easier to understand: Each column number points to the full hexagons or hexagon parts exactly below it.

Hexagons - Only Full Shapes

By filling the edges with hexagon parts adds a lot of additional puzzle pieces. There's an option to remove these, by selecting "Only Full Shapes". The result is shown in this screenshot: Jigsaw 031 - Hexagon Only Full Shapes.png An unfortunate side-effect of this options is that you may lose part of the original image.

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