How Can I Change the Styling for Puzzle Maker Pro - Jigsaw puzzles?

The styling options for Jigsaw are:

  • Font Styling for Coordinates
  • Line Width and Color
  • Help Lines in the puzzle pieces.

Font Styling

You can choose any (TrueType) font on your computer for the printed coordinates. Just click the white area that has the font name (by default "Arial", in this screenshot "Artless") and the Font Setup window will be shown, where you can configure and preview the font settings. Jigsaw 015 - Font Styling.png

Line Width and Color

You can set the Line Width and Color for the puzzle and solution, and separately for the individual puzzle pieces. That way you can choose for thicker lines if the puzzle pieces are intended to be cut out.

Jigsaw 016 - Line Styling.png

Help Lines

In addition to the puzzle piece border lines, you can also add Help Lines. These will help children (or adults) to draw parts of the puzzle piece in the right location. This can be especially helpful if you have puzzle pieces with lots of detail. The next screenshot shows an example. The purple color for the Help Lines was chosen to contrast with the bright colors. Jigsaw 017 - Help Lines.png

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