How can I create Triangle JigSaw Puzzles?

Puzzle Maker Pro - JigSaw Triangles supports most of the features of JigSaw Squares, but of course some things are different because of the triangle shape.

Triangle Shapes

Unlike Squares, Triangle shapes can never perfectly fill a square or rectangular image. As you can see in this screenshot, there will always be some partial (half) triangles at the left and right edges.

Jigsaw 024 - Blank Triangles Puzzle.png

Connector Types

Triangles work best with Triangle or JigSaw connector types (or no connectors at all). With Square connectors you have to test and configure the length settings carefully, to make sure the connectors do not overlap. Jigsaw 039 - Triangles with Square Connectors.png

Perfect Triangles

Most screenshots for JigSaw Triangles use the "Perfect Triangles" option, since this usually looks good. This will create equilateral triangles. If you switch it off, you'll get isosceles triangles. Jigsaw 038 - Non-perfect Triangles.png

Pyramid Only

A special type of Triangles puzzle is the big triangle (called 'Pyramid' in this module).

Jigsaw 033 - Triangles Pyramid Only.png

As you can see in the screenshot, this will remove quite a few of the triangles (almost 50%), leaving a nice big pyramid in place. However, this will also leave a large part of your original image out of the puzzle.

Jigsaw 037 - Triangle Pyramid Image Cut Off.png

Triangles Coordinates

Using Coordinates for Triangles puzzles is almost as easy as for Squares puzzles. Jigsaw 032 - Triangle Coordinates.png The Rows will be numbered A, B, C, ...

Columns will be numbered 1, 2, 3, ... where 1 is the first column of half triangles.

When you use the pyramid option, many of the coordinates (positions) will not be used: Jigsaw 034 - Triangles Pyramid Puzzle Page.png