How do I fix my Powerpoint Add-In problem?

How to fix your Powerpoint Add-In problem


Installing the plugins

There's a separate tutorial to install our plugins for Powerpoint: Click here.

Installation Issues

When using our Powerpoint Add-ins, there have been a few occurrences where the installer seemed to work properly, but the Add-in was not visible in the Add-in’s menu.

AddIns Menu.png

First of all, you should go to File -> Options -> Add-ins, to verify that it’s installed, but possibly inactive, or not available at all.

AddIns Options.png

In addition to that, there’s an option to force Powerpoint to show Add-in error messages (which may be suppressed otherwise). We need these messages to figure out what’s going on.

You can find this setting in File -> Options -> Advanced. Powerpoint Addin Error information.png

When you report add-in errors, please be as specific as you can be, and add screenshots of errors that are shown.

You can report the error to the seller (for Powered by BookPublisherTools add-ins) or to our on helpdesk for BookPublisherTools add-ins.

Certificate Not Trusted

There's a separate tutorial to fix certificate issues: Click Here

Other Issues

Please read the tutorials before reporting issues with the plugins.

Easy Journals

Easy Journals Pro

Journal Filler

Easy Puzzle Books

Display Issues

There's a separate tutorial to fix display issues: Click Here

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