How to Add Page Numbers to Powerpoint Puzzle Books?

This short video tutorial will show you how to add page numbers to the master slides in Powerpoint. Besides page numbers you can use these master slides to add any kind of content you like.

Is there a video overview of Puzzle Maker Pro - JigSaw Squares?

For those who prefer video tutorials instead of written text, here's a video overview of Puzzle Maker Pro - JigSaw Squares

Can you create puzzles with numbers using Puzzle Maker Pro - Word Search

This short tutorial shows the steps to create word search puzzles with numbers.

How to Save your pattern in multiple sizes in POD Graphics Maker

This Youtube tutorial demonstrates how to save your POD Graphics Maker patterns in multiple sizes. This works for all editions of POD Graphics Maker.

What does Tiling Tool do?

Tiling Tool can fill a canvas with one single tile (image), with options for the number of repeats, reflecting and colors.

How to create puzzles and puzzle books with Puzzle Maker Pro

Find out how Puzzle Maker Pro creates your puzzles and puzzle books. This article will help you understand how the different parts work together.

How to Use Puzzle Maker Pro - JigSaw?

This overview demonstrates the steps to create JigSaw puzzles with Puzzle Maker Pro.

How Can I Create Missing Vowel Puzzles with Puzzle Maker Pro - Word Search?

This tutorial will show you how you can use Puzzle Maker Pro - Word Search to create Missing Vowel puzzles.

How to create your own SVG files with Adobe Illustrator (for use in Connect the Dots)

This video tutorial will show you the general workflow and some tricks to use Adobe Illustrator's tracing function. This will create SVG files from bitmap files (JPG, PNG). The SVG files can be imported into Puzzle Maker Pro - Connect the Dots.

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