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How can I create Nonogram puzzles with Puzzle Maker - Nonogram Standard?

This short tutorial shows how to create nonogram puzzles with Puzzle Maker - Nonogram Standard.

How Can I Create Missing Vowel Puzzles with Puzzle Maker Pro - Word Search?

This tutorial will show you how you can use Puzzle Maker Pro - Word Search to create Missing Vowel puzzles.

How can I create Hexagon JigSaw puzzles?

Most of the 'Squares' JigSaw tutorials apply to Hexagons as well. In this tutorial we will show you the specifics of Hexagon JigSaw puzzles.

How to add background images to my puzzles in Puzzle Maker Pro?

This tutorial describes how to add background images to your puzzles in Puzzle Maker Pro.

How can I select my image folder in POD Pattern Maker?

It's counter intuitive, but in the current version of POD Pattern Maker you have to select a file in the folder you want to use, not the folder itself.

Folders POD Pattern Maker
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How do I create journals with Easy Journals?

A short tutorial for the free Easy Journals plugin for Powerpoint

How Do I Install the Powerpoint Plugins?

Here's a generic step by step guide to install Powerpoint plugins.

Getting started with Puzzle Maker Pro - Connect the Dots

This video tutorial demonstrates the first steps to learn Puzzle Maker Pro - Connect the Dots

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